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Eastern Europe

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Author: Nissim Dahan Comment: On demand to Pipedija:

Pipadminas, there is a danger in ignoring the concerns of places like Eastern Europe, or other places as well. Whatever arrangement we come up, as a global community, has to take into accout the welfare of all people.

Eastern Europe has been given a taste of the possibility of freedom and prosperity. The world's economic troubles could easily dash the hopes and dreams of people around the world, who have just been given a hint of a better life. As such, dashed hopes could easily devolve into chaos and violence. We should be able to anticipate that, and do something to prevent it, even before it starts.

But I believe that the convergence of problems on the world stage could actually help to bring about a solution which takes eveyone's best interests into account, because everyone's cooperation will be needed to make it work. You can't fix the economy without fixing the environment, and without neutralizing at least some of the extremism. You can't fix the environment without growing your economy and neutralizing the extremism so as to allow for worldwide cooperation. You can't neutralize extremism without giving everyone a place at the table, a stake in his or her future, and without addressing the environmental threats which help to breed extremism.

Since issues of the Econmy, the Environment, and Extremism, are so inter-related and inter-connected, you can't solve one, without solving the other two, and you can't include some people in the solution, and ignore others. We have reached the point where mostly everyone has to be on board, and where most of the issues have to be tackled simulaneously.