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      <p ns="0" title="Sekmęs" snippet="[[Sekmęs]] - brand new, modern most useful Lithuanian word, &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; just lots of things (spell it as `success` - [s…k‹ses]) Use it anywhere&#10;" size="906" wordcount="143" timestamp="2009-07-22T18:44:38Z" />
      <p ns="0" title="Koldartugyvasblet" snippet="...relations. The song is like concluding one of the main questions about the &lt;span class=&#039;searchmatch&#039;&gt;meaning&lt;/span&gt; of life - &amp;quot;while you are still alive&amp;quot;.&#10;" size="1134" wordcount="171" timestamp="2015-11-13T08:23:29Z" />